‘If Thatcher can do it, you can do it, too!’ Boris offered a stern warning before crunch week.


‘If Thatcher can do it, you can do it, too!’ Boris offered a stern warning before crunch week.

Following the Tory sleaze issue and increasing Brexit discussions, BORIS JOHNSON faces a critical week in his Prime Ministership.

Tory sources have warned that the Prime Minister is becoming a “liability” amid the debate over Owen Paterson and Sir Geoffrey Cox. The Conservatives have now fallen to second place in the polls behind Labour, as a result of their handling of Mr Paterson’s suspension. With doubts over Sir Geoffrey’s absence from the Commons to represent the British Virgin Islands, the Conservatives have dropped to 36%.

Labour, on the other hand, has risen to 38 points for the first time this year, according to Redfield and Wilton Strategies’ research.

Some MPs are also wondering if Mr Johnson is still a “asset” to the party, given Lord Frost’s admission that considerable gaps persist between the UK and Northern Ireland.

The events of the past week, according to Malcolm Rifkind, who served in both John Major’s and Margaret Thatcher’s Cabinets, have been devastating to the Prime Minister.

“I was in the government when Margaret Thatcher was forced to fall on her sword,” he told The Independent.

“And if a prime minister of Thatcher’s prominence can be disposed of fast and viciously by the parliamentary party, no prime minister can think that they are safe.”

“The week’s major events, as well as a number of minor ones, demonstrate that old habits die hard.”

“The last week’s events have been extremely devastating. I’m not a member of the House of Commons, but he appears to be on the verge of being a problem rather than an advantage.

“If you’re a prime minister, you should have the political acumen to recognize that this is a really foolish, idiotic, stupid thing to do.” “And the Conservative Party has a well-deserved reputation for being merciless when prime ministers are thought to have outlived their usefulness.”

The polling results came after the government was forced to reverse its position on Mr Paterson’s suspension.

Initially, the government backed MPs seeking to overturn or postpone Mr Paterson’s suspension.

Mr Paterson was discovered to have worked as a lobbyist for Randox and Lynn’s Country Foods, for which he was paid a total of £112,000 per year.

Mr Paterson announced his resignation following a backlash against the government.

“Brinkwire Summary News” reports not long after the scandal.


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