If Japan intervenes in Taiwan, China will ‘use nuclear weapons,’ according to a shared video.


If Japan intervenes in Taiwan, China will ‘use nuclear weapons,’ according to a shared video.

A CHINESE Communist Party (CCP) group in the northeastern region has re-posted a video warning Japan that if it interferes with a Chinese invasion of Taiwan, it will “continuously deploy nuclear bombs.”

The five-minute film was first broadcast on the Chinese video sharing platform Xigua, and was published by the Baoji Municipal Committee, a CCP body in the province of Shaanxi. The narrator advocates for the use of weapons of mass destruction on Japan in order to force them to surrender “a second time.”

Despite the fact that the original video was taken down (after receiving over two million views), human rights activist Jennifer Zeng re-posted it on Twitter with English subtitles.

“If Japan dares to intervene by force after we liberate Taiwan, even if it only sends one soldier, one jet, and one ship, we will not only return reciprocal fire but also launch a full-scale war against Japan,” the video warns.

“We’ll start with nuclear weapons.

“Until Japan declares unconditional surrender for the second time, we will continue to employ nuclear weapons.

“We want to focus on Japan’s ability to withstand a war. Japan will not dare to commit soldiers to the Taiwan Strait unless it recognizes it cannot afford to pay the price of war.”

China established its “No First Use” (NFU) policy in 1964, committing not to use nuclear weapons as a weapon of war unless it was first attacked by a nuclear-armed foe.

China is likewise prohibited from dropping weapons of mass destruction on countries that do not have nuclear weapons under the NFU policy.

NATO, on the other hand, has rejected suggestions for an NFU doctrine, claiming that a “pre-emptive nuclear strike” is a viable option.

Japan has no nuclear weapons of its own, but it supports the use of nuclear weapons by the United States on its behalf.

If #Japan supports #Taiwan, the #CCP vows to nuke it. Because Japan is the only country in the world to have been nuked, nuking it “will yield twice the result with half the effort.” 中共軍事頻道威脅對日本實施連續核打擊,直到日本第二次無條件投降。 pic.twitter.com/dp45R2LXtD

The film continues to promote the “Japan exception theory,” which proposes that China’s NFU regulation be repealed and Japan be seen as a “exception” to the rule.

According to the film, the worldwide scenario has changed considerably since the signing of the NFU.

“Our country is in the midst of a huge transition that has not.” Brinkwire Summary News, it adds.


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