If Emmanuel Macron is deposed in 2022, ‘globalists’ may entice him to follow in the footsteps of Tony Blair.


If Emmanuel Macron is deposed in 2022, ‘globalists’ may entice him to follow in the footsteps of Tony Blair.

FRENCH Following a 2022 election setback, President Emmanuel Macron might be recruited to pursue particular political goals, similar to Tony Blair or Gordon Brown.

Dr. Niall McCrae, a contributor to the Bruges Group think group, told This website that he believes Emmanuel Macron would stay in politics even if he loses the 2022 French presidential race. While he may be a figure of “derision” in his own country, he believes he can follow in the footsteps of Tony Blair and Gordon Brown, who established organizations that apply political pressure from the outside. Dr. McCrae also expressed concern that Mr. Macron, who has been vocal in his criticism of the UK, will continue to be a thorn in the country’s side for years to come.

Dr. McCrae was asked by This website what he believes would happen to Mr Macron if he loses the 2022 election and whether he will stay in politics.

He concurred, saying: “I believe the globalists will find a use for him, just as they did for Gordon Brown when he became more active in international affairs.

“So, I believe that politicians can be targets of ridicule or hatred in their own democratic countries, but if they are perceived as good globalist operatives, they will be very busy.

“I believe Macron has skill, but I also believe he has a bright future ahead of him.”

Mr. Brown has been on multiple major news networks, urging vaccine equity to combat the coronavirus.

He informed television stations that 100 million vaccines could expire and be thrown away unless they are shared with developing countries.

Mr Brown was citing Airfinity research that suggested substantial vaccination stockpiles in affluent countries may go to waste.

Tony Blair is also the director of the Institute for Global Change, where he urged on the government to reveal more evidence on vaccine efficacy earlier this year to dispel anti-vax beliefs.

Robert Oulds, the Director of Bruges Group, who was also interviewed, disagreed with Dr. McCrae, believing that Mr Macron’s “immature” behavior would not entice him to anyone.

Instead, Mr. Oulds claimed that, like previous Prime Minister David Cameron, Mr. Macron might be scooped up by the private sector, and that his government relationships would be his only asset. “Brinkwire News Summary.”


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