IDS attacks Cressida Dick, ‘Time for new bloom!’ Met needs someone who can be ‘trusted.’


IDS attacks Cressida Dick, ‘Time for new bloom!’ Met needs someone who can be ‘trusted.’

According to Iain Duncan Smith, the Metropolitan Police Department needs someone who can be “trusted” to replace Commissioner Cressida Dick.

Following the life imprisonment of former police officer Wayne Couzens, the former Tory party leader launched a stinging attack on Cressida Dick, prompting calls for her resignation. Sarah Everard was kidnapped, raped, and murdered by Couzens in March. It comes as the Sunday Mirror reports that Mr Couzens’ Met police colleagues have committed a staggering 26 sex offenses since 2016.

“I’ve resisted calls for her resignation simply because these things don’t often improve things in the short term,” he explained.

“I believe that the management of certain events in London, such as the Extinction Rebellion protests, which have cost a lot of money, has not been wonderful.”

“What’s more, as an outer-borough MP, [the Met]has taken the police forces from the boroughs, putting us in peril – there’s a lot going on.”

“I believe the recent murders, particularly the female murders, and the awful difficulties that have resulted from them.”

“I think there are difficulties around here concerning leadership and focus,” Mr Duncan Smith remarked.

“I believe the MET now needs someone in charge who understands the dynamics of what they do, how it works best, and that people can trust them to be both aggressive and diplomatic when needed.”

“But also helpful and trustworthy, and I believe that is the part that needs to be settled.”

“And it may demand that she step aside and someone else be able to take over,” he slammed, “since I believe it is now time for a new bloom!”

In the aftermath of the Sarah Everard case, a Tory police commissioner said that women “ought to be streetwise.”

Ms Everard “never should have surrendered” to the arrest, according to North Yorkshire police, fire and crime commissioner Philip Allott.

“The Prime Minister and I were shocked by what he said,” Conservative Party Chairman Oliver Dowden told Sky News from the Conservative Party conference in Manchester. It was simply unacceptably bad.

“I’ve been quite clear in my condemnation, and I’m sure the Prime Minister shares my sentiments.”

He did apologize right away, which I believe was acceptable of him. “Brinkwire News Summary.”


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