‘Idiot’ woman trapped in traffic dials 999 and requests a police escort home.


‘Idiot’ woman trapped in traffic dials 999 and requests a police escort home.

After becoming stopped in traffic, a woman dialed 999 and requested a “police escort” home.

In the midst of the traffic gridlock created by road closures, the driver pulled over. When questioned whether she had an emergency, the woman sought a police escort back to her house.

The call’s details were disclosed with the public to encourage others to contact 999 only in the event of a “true emergency.”

In the last week, Essex Police has received two calls: one reporting an animal trapped in a loft and the other enquiring if a lost wallet had been handed into a station.

According to Essex Live, the overuse of the 999 hotline causes delays in the police serving persons in need.

The driver’s strange request was widely panned on social media.

“Idiot,” one Facebook user wrote.

“What the hell is wrong with people?” wrote another.

“What a moron,” said a third.

Non-emergency calls should be directed to 101 or the website of their local police agency.

Because of the global pandemic, police resources are already strained thin.

Sadiq Khan has warned that police services in London alone might lose £110 million in funding.

Mr Khan revealed the changes he will have to make in the wake of a £493 million drop in City Hall’s revenue last year due to the economic effects of the coronavirus.


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