‘I wouldn’t put my faith in Joe Biden to run a bath!’ Why did 81.2 million people vote for him, according to a former MEP?


‘I wouldn’t put my faith in Joe Biden to run a bath!’ Why did 81.2 million people vote for him, according to a former MEP?

A former MEP has nicknamed Joe Biden a “gibbering old turkey,” questioning why 81.2 million Americans voted for him.

Last year, the Democrat defeated former President Donald Trump in the US Presidential election. Mr. Biden, on the other hand, has been heavily chastised for a series of gaffes during news conferences. During a recent CNN interview, the US President was hardly audible as he gave his response.

Former MEP Martin Daubney has now taken to Twitter to attack the Democrat, calling him a “gibbering old turkey.”

“I wouldn’t trust Joe Biden to run a bath,” Mr Daubney tweeted.

“So why did 81.2 million Americans put their faith in him to lead the United States?

“The Free World is run by a gibbering old turkey.”

“Although it doesn’t feel very ‘free’ at the moment, does it?” he added later.

Since his inauguration in January, Mr. Biden has been chastised for causing uncertainty during news briefings on several occasions.

Mr. Biden aroused concerns about his health in March after making several gaffes at his first press conference since taking office.

After departing the platform and stating he would accept one final question, Mr. Biden caused some consternation.

Following the interview, the hashtag #DementiaJoe, which initially appeared on social media during the Democratic presidential candidate contest, began trending again on Twitter.

Candace Owens, a conservative commentator, tweeted, “The President of the United States has dementia.”

“Are we meant to act surprised when Biden announces he’ll stand down as President to deal with health difficulties, or can we all admit that installing Kamala Harris was their plan all along?” she said.

“Because I’m going to need some time to practice my phony astonished expression.”

Mr. Biden has been known to stumble over his words, but he has admitted that he suffers from a stutter that he has been fighting to overcome his entire life.

Mr Biden responded to Sarah Huckabee, Donald Trump’s former press secretary, in 2019 by saying he had “fought my whole life to overcome a stutter.”

Last month, the US President faced blowback after Democratic support for him dwindled as the country moved on from the pandemic.

Mr. Biden’s popularity has dipped since April, according to a new Ipsos survey, as his administration battles with Congress to keep campaign promises.

The survey, which took place from June 11 to 17, discovered. “Brinkwire News in Condensed Form.”


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