I worked for Amazon in a ‘cage,’ where I was required to pack one item every 10 seconds and was forbidden from using the restroom.


I worked for Amazon in a ‘cage,’ where I was required to pack one item every 10 seconds and was forbidden from using the restroom.

With Black Friday approaching in six days and Christmas approaching, millions of people will be flocking to Amazon for bargains.

Workers in the company’s warehouses, on the other hand, will not be sharing in our joy as we save money and time by purchasing online.

One former Amazon employee today describes “slave-like” working conditions, “mental targets,” and “pressure not to take toilet breaks” — all in the name of making sure packages arrive on time.

After eight months of grueling work earning £9.70 an hour as an order picker, Olivia — not her real name — says she will never shop from the online retailer again.

She worked in a 9-foot-long desk she dubbed “a cage,” with a computer screen that displayed the number of objects she had packed.

She claims that cameras were watching the workers at all times, and that “power-tripping” human monitors “liked” scolding them, especially if their performance ratings plummeted.

Olivia, a thirties-year-old Mancunian, was charged with quickly locating, scanning, and repacking things. She needed to pack 360 items every hour, or one every ten seconds, to meet her goal.

She worried taking potty breaks in the early days of her arduous 1012-hour stints because she said it would affect her score.

She gained 112 pounds while working at the Amazon “fulfillment center” near Manchester Airport, and she vows to never work there again.

“It was one of the worst jobs I’ve ever had,” Olivia told The Sun. “I feel awful for everyone who works there.”

“It’s a draining job.” Your feet are killing you towards the end of your shift, and every part of your body is exhausted.

“It’s merely mental to pick an item every ten seconds.” That is physically impossible to do for more than ten hours.

“They expect you to work like a robot, never pausing or needing to use the restroom. It’s not possible for a human to do so.

“It’s a lot of pressure because there are cameras everywhere and people continually watching your performance.” ‘Ready to start your slave labor shift?’ we used to joke with each other, and there was some truth to it.” Amazon is likely to set new sales records in the coming weeks, adding to its owner Jeff Bezos’ already enormous fortune, which Forbes magazine estimates to be worth almost £150 billion.

Last year, during the peak of Black Friday shopping, Brits spent £2 million each minute and spent about £2 billion over the weekend. As studies show, many people will again turn to Amazon to aid them with their Christmas shopping this year. Brinkwire News in a Nutshell


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