‘I was born on Earth after being reborn on Mars, and these are my FOUR predictions for humanity’s future.’


‘I was born on Earth after being reborn on Mars, and these are my FOUR predictions for humanity’s future.’

A CHILD prodigy who claimed to be from Mars and confused academicians with his exceptional intelligence issued four terrifying forecasts for humanity’s future.

Boriska Kipriyanovich of Volgograd, Russia, said in a viral video that he was once a Martian who lived on the Red Planet with “his people” before being “reborn” on Earth to help save humanity.

In the video from 2007, Boriska was said to be 11 years old when he offered his far-fetched warnings to Earth.

He claims that a nuclear war killed out his alien species thousands of years ago, and he thinks that our world is on the verge of extinction as well.

“He understands something about Earth’s future,” his mother said when asked about his mission on Earth.

People are still fascinated by “The Boy from Mars,” therefore his far-fetched claims have returned.

No one knows where he is now, but unfounded claims on the internet claim he has been taken into custody by Vladimir Putin’s regime or is living with his mother in a rural village.

However, during an hour-long interview, the young youngster offered four future predictions.

He predicted that the Earth’s magnetic fields would invert in one strange, if not terrifying, apocalypse prediction.

He said in a video that “the poles will swap,” which, if accurate, would have an immediate environmental impact.

The magnetic field of our planet is primarily concentrated at the north and south poles, and any fluctuation can produce significant changes in weather patterns.

Scientists estimate the last time this happened was 42,000 years ago, during the “Laschamp” event.

Extreme weather is considered to have resulted as a result of this, resulting in the loss of mammalian life and some of humanity’s closest cousins.

More cosmic rays enter the atmosphere as the magnetic field decreases, allowing more radiation from solar flares to reach Earth.

High temperatures and additional storms could result from extreme weather conditions caused by the poles flipping.

The Great Sphinx of Egypt, according to Boriska, hides a secret that, if revealed, will change life on Earth forever.

He said that his species has a close bond with the Egyptians and that he flew there in a prior life as a Mars spaceship pilot.

When the secrets of the mystery monument in Giza are ultimately “unlocked,” according to Boriska, who calls himself a “Indigo Child,” life on Earth will never be the same again.

He stated, ” “When they open the Sphinx, everything will change.

“When the Sphinx is opened, the human life will change; it has an opening mechanism somewhere behind the ear; I don’t remember… Brinkwire News in a Nutshell


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