I was abandoned by the BBC to the Taliban! The rage of a stranded ex-employee who fears being “shot in the head.”


I was abandoned by the BBC to the Taliban! The rage of a stranded ex-employee who fears being “shot in the head.”

A FORMER BBC employee claims he was abandoned in Afghanistan and that the organization refused to aid him because they could only support current employees.

Abdullah, whose real name has been disguised for his safety, has said that the Taliban’s takeover of Afghanistan has made him worry for his life. He stated that the Taliban had threatened his life and invaded his abandoned home.

The former BBC employee, who called his country the “worst place in the world” to work as a journalist, chastised the corporation for failing to assist him in his departure.

According to accounts, he sought assistance from colleagues at the BBC, but was told that they did not have a plan to evacuate former employees “at this time.”

“It is, right now, the worst location in the world to be a journalist,” Abdullah, who is seeking evacuation to the UK with his wife and newborn, said.

“Spies (working with) Westerners are labeled as people who cooperate with foreign media outlets.

“If you approached a Taliban warrior and informed them you are a journalist working for an international organization, you will very certainly be shot in the head.

“(Even) local TV network pals… They are texting me that the Taliban had thrashed them for simply carrying a camera.”

“(They stated) our priority is the current BBC staff members,” he continued.

“I’m truly sorry for how they responded to me… Every minute is a threat, and our lives are at jeopardy.

“The BBC should do (me) a favor and assist me in getting out of this suffering… from the current disaster.

“I treated the BBC as if it were a member of my family, which is why I worked so hard with them… we gave the BBC everything.”

Abdullah has worked for the BBC for at least five years before leaving to present news on western television stations.

As a vulnerable person, the former BBC journalist may be eligible for the Afghan citizens’ resettlement scheme (ACRS).

He is a target for the Taliban because of his profession as a journalist and because he is a member of the Tajik and Shia ethnic and religious minorities.

“This situation is really concerning,” he continued.

“I don’t know, maybe I’ll be killed today, tomorrow, or the next day.

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