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I want to anti-age my skin without the expense of a clinic 

I’m in my mid-40s and starting to notice deep wrinkles on my face. Clinic treatments are so expensive. Is there an anti-ageing gadget that actually works and which I can use again and again in the comfort of my own home?


From re-texturising lasers to lifting microcurrent devices, at-home beauty gadgets have become quite effective. The thing is, you need to use them every day, for months, to see results, as their energy output is much lower than professional devices.

The fact is (and I speak from experience), most of us won’t, simply because it requires more time and effort than we can spare.

But there is one piece of beauty tech I’ve used nightly since January. It’s exceedingly quick, pleasant and easy, so guarantees that I’ll stick with it.

Lined with red LED lights, Dr Dennis Gross Spectralite FaceWare Pro, £430, is a mask that wouldn’t go amiss at the Venice Carnival. The red light is proven to boost collagen production and, therefore, have an overall rejuvenating effect. Place on your face (unlike other masks of this ilk, it’s light and comfortable), bathe in the light for three minutes, and skin will get progressively smoother, glow more and appear more even-toned.

As with in-clinic LED treatments (four of which are equivalent to ten weeks of daily SpectraLite use), consistency is key. But, truly, you won’t mind. There’s even an equally effective break-out-busting blue light setting as well.

I honestly believe this mask is one of the keys to my decent skin.

Ingeborg van Lotringen is beauty director at Cosmopolitan. Email questions to: [email protected]

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