I requested a raise from my boss before she sent me a text intended for her husband, accusing me of being “self entitled.”


I requested a raise from my boss before she sent me a text message intended for her husband, accusing me of being “self entitled.”

A WORKER has revealed how she was sent a text after asking for a raise that said they were “self-entitled.”

During the pandemic, the employee revealed that they had been working as the woman’s assistant for two years, 10 hours a day, with no overtime.

They asked for an extra (dollar)50 per week in a Reddit post, claiming that their salary was (dollar)12 per hour.

Finally, the two agreed to (dollar)25 on the condition that the employee could take a half-hour break every night to attend a martial arts class.

“I’d found her new clients who were bringing in a lot for us, and performed all my duties and more for two years now at the same compensation level,” the employee wrote.

“I’ve been performing all of my duties and more at the same compensation level for two years now,” they said, “so my requests were all extremely reasonable, even below cost-of-living.”

They wrote, “Except five minutes later, she sends the text, about how I had apparently tried to take credit for all of the company’s success.”

They were told “that’s not how it works” and expected the situation to be resolved by now.

“How ridiculous was it that I thought I was entitled to more, followed by ‘whoops you’re not my husband lol’?”

That was the final straw, and the employee has begun looking for new employment.

They said, “Can only imagine what a glowing recommendation I’ll receive.”

The boss’s behavior may not be as bad as that of a Sydney manager who sent a furious email to all of his employees after they took “sick days” and didn’t wear a suit.

The boss apologized for the email in which he accused his employees of “getting on my tits” multiple times.

He accused them of “endless ping pong” and compared their frequent sick days to a movie about a man dying of Aids.

The supervisor admitted to writing the “Gordon Ramsay meets Donald Trump-style email rant.”

After the email went viral on social media, he says he’s learned from his mistakes.

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