‘I made it up!’ In an energy bailout spat, the Treasury smacks down the Business Secretary.


‘I made it up!’ In an energy bailout spat, the Treasury smacks down the Business Secretary.

The Treasury has smacked the Business Secretary Kwasi Kwarteng after he made a series of appearances on Sunday morning politics shows.

After the Business Secretary stated he was working with the Chancellor of the Exchequer on plans to rescue British manufacturers, Mr Kwarteng, 46, has been accused of “making things up.” Mr Kwarteng remarked on Sky News with Trevor Phillips: “On Friday, I had a long conversation with [the]energy intensive users business.

“We have already provided substantial support in the areas of electricity, energy price, and, in particular, power, during the last few years.

“And we’re continually communicating with them to see if there’s a way out, as well as engaging Treasury.

“I can’t make any promises right now, but we’re dead set on solving this problem.”

However, the Business Secretary told the BBC that he had not yet asked the Treasury to pay an energy industry subsidy.

Mr. Kwarteng explained: “I have not requested billions of dollars.

“We already have plans in place.

“I’m working closely with the Chancellor, Rishi Sunak, to bring us through this difficulty.”

The 46-year-remarks old’s come at a time when rising energy costs are threatening to close key industries unless the government intervenes.

However, sources within Mr Sunak’s department have refuted the Brexit-supporting MP for Spelthorne’s claims.

“This isn’t the first time the Secretary of State for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy has lied in interviews,” a source told Sky News.

“To be clear, the Treasury is not a party to any discussions.”

The Treasury “is not in contact with anyone,” another source told the Telegraph, adding that the department “hasn’t seen any offers.”

Sources close to Mr Kwarteng have since indicated that the Treasury has been in talks with the BEIS, but that no request for cash has yet been made.

Boris Johnson headed off to Marbella for a family holiday with Carrie and the couple’s son Wilfred less than a day before the quarrel between BEIS and the Treasury erupted.

Conservative MPs are believed to have argued that the squabble was typical of cabinet squabbles when the Prime Minister is gone.

However, Andrew Percy, the MP for Brigg and Goole, warned: “If the Government is serious about levelling things, individuals in the Treasury need to realise that much of the Northern.” “..


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