‘I hope she’s proud of me,’ Prince Albert wrote to his mother, Grace Kelly.


‘I hope she’s proud of me,’ Prince Albert wrote to his mother, Grace Kelly.

According to newly discovered accounts, PRINCE ALBERT of Monaco said he thought his late mother Grace Kelly was “proud” of him and everything he had accomplished in her former home of Monaco.

Albert was in Monaco recently to support and see his sovereign state compete in the Olympic Games. Athletes from Monaco competed in five sports: athletics, swimming, judo, rowing, and table tennis. Unfortunately, the country did not win a single medal at the games.

Albert’s mother, Grace Kelly, grew up in a home that emphasized outdoor activities and eventually instilled this interest in her son.

Grace’s father was an Olympic gold medalist rower, and her mother, after putting together a basketball team, became the University of Pennsylvania’s first ever women’s sports coach.

Grace and Albert, as well as Caroline and Stephanie, Albert’s sisters, were a close-knit family.

The family was grieved when she died in a horrific vehicle accident in 1982.

Albert has since reflected on his beautiful upbringing under Grace, expressing his hope that she was proud of the man he had become in one instance.

When he got down with Piers Morgan, who was working for CNN at the time, in 2012, he received the message.

“I still think of her every day,” he stated on the 30th anniversary of her death, “and I hope that she would be happy of me and what I’ve attempted to achieve in the last 30 years.” When asked to characterize Grace in his memory, he responded: “She was the most warm, lovely, engaging person.”

“Of course, she was very close to all of us,” says the narrator.

“She was a fantastic mother.

“She was a generous person at heart and in spite of herself.

“She touched the lives of so many people in so many different ways all across the world,” she said. This isn’t the first time the couple’s intimate relationship has been broadcast on television.

The principality’s chief archivist shared a Mother’s Day card from a young Albert to Grace with viewers in the documentary “Privacy and Power: A Year In The Life Of Prince Albert Of Monaco.”

“Dear mummy, I’d like to tell you all I feel in my heart, but all I can do is smile and present these flowers,” Thomas Fouilleron, the archives minder, read.

“I take you in my two small arms – it’s a lot better than.” Brinkwire Summary News.”


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