‘I haven’t!’ says the speaker. Boris Johnson has denied snubbing Nicola Sturgeon in a meeting following an ITV investigation.


‘I haven’t!’ says the speaker. Boris Johnson has denied snubbing Nicola Sturgeon in a meeting following an ITV investigation.

BORIS JOHNSON has denied turning down an invitation to see Scotland’s First Minister, Nicola Sturgeon, while on a visit to the country.

During his current visit of Scotland, Boris Johnson has denied declining a formal offer from Nicola Sturgeon to sit down for a summit with the SNP leader. The Prime Minister of the United Kingdom has been publicly chastised for failing to visit Bute House to discuss the epidemic and other issues. When pressed by ITV, the Prime Minister dismissed Ms Sturgeon’s claim, saying he was “always delighted” to meet with the First Minister.

“You declined an invitation to meet with the First Minister,” the ITV reporter inquired.

“No, I haven’t,” Mr Johnson replied.

“I’m always thrilled, always, always, always delighted – and look, we work together, seriously.

“At all levels, the UK Government and the Scottish Government collaborate on issues that affect the people of this country.”

“In particular, putting out vaccinations, and, more broadly, ensuring that we bounce back and develop better from the epidemic, and we will continue,” he continued.

The Prime Minister also emphasized the importance of increasing Scotland’s immunization rate.

Mr Johnson said, “I thank the Scottish Government for what they’ve been doing, a really high rate of vaccination here in Scotland, a really amazing achievement by the people of Scotland coming forward to get vaccinated – working with them to finish that.”

“But also ensuring that we have a solid economic recovery, which I believe the country is well-positioned to do.”

It comes after Ms Sturgeon expressed her feelings about the snub in a Sky News interview.

“No, I don’t feel snubbed,” the SNP leader replied, “but I believe most people think it’s odd and a little strange.”

“We have the Prime Minister visiting Scotland, and he has talked a lot recently about the need for us to work together to get through Covid and into recovery, notwithstanding our political differences.

“However, when he is in Scotland, he does not take the chance to speak with me personally about how we may collaborate and work together.”

“I think people will find that unusual, and it’s up to Boris Johnson to explain,” she concluded.

“That would have been Covid’s first chance to sit down, appropriately socially removed, and have a face-to-face conversation.

Brinkwire Summary News: “I believe it would have been.”


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