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I had sex with my best friend’s mum at his 21st and think about her all the time

DEAR DEIDRE:  I HAD sex with my best friend’s mum at his 21st birthday bash a couple of weeks ago. I thought it would be a one-off but I find myself thinking about her all the time.

I have a girlfriend and I’ve been living with her for three years. She’s a lovely, caring person. Her mum has diabetes and can’t move around easily, so my girlfriend does a lot of the housework and shopping for her. She is 23 while I’m 22.

When my friend invited us to his birthday do in his garden, my girlfriend said she’d better not go because her mum is shielding. But she said it was OK for me to go if I was careful and stuck to the rules about social distancing.

It was great to be out and seeing mates again. I had a few beers but didn’t go wild . . . at first.

I had gone in the house to go to the loo when I ran into my mate’s mum in the hall.

He still lives at home and his mum is a laugh. She’s not turned 40 yet, has been a single parent as long as I can remember and always flirted with her son’s mates even when we were at school.

She seemed happy to see me and asked me all about myself. We ended up having a drink together in the kitchen and I realised she was flirting with me.

The sense of freedom maybe went to my head and I responded when she said, “Let’s be a bit more private,” and took me up to her bedroom.

The sex was great, especially as romps haven’t been in plentiful supply with my girlfriend recently as she is worried she’s going to lose her job. Plus she is scared for her mum.

Nobody noticed us missing from the party and I snuck back downstairs with no one any the wiser.

But the next day I felt guilty when my girlfriend cuddled me, as I’d obviously broken all the rules on distancing the night before.

I assumed it was just a bit of fun but my mate’s mum has somehow got my number and has messaged suggesting I go round there when he’s at the gym. (He is into weight training.) I am tempted but I feel torn.

DEIDRE SAYS: You might have got away with cheating that once but suppose your mate’s mum did pass on the virus to you and it spread via you to your girlfriend and her mum? The consequences really could be fatal.

And how rotten – to cheat on your girlfriend mainly because she’s feeling worried, and no wonder.

Behave like a man. Avoid your mate’s mum and show your girlfriend how supportive you can be. Listen to her worries, give her lots of cuddles and a relaxing massage – which could even help her feel more sexy. My e-leaflet on Massage For Couples explains.

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