‘I got out of the date from hell by pretending to be in need of the restroom and fleeing – but I still feel horrible.’


‘I got out of the date from hell by pretending to be in need of the restroom and fleeing – but I still feel horrible.’

A woman’s racist statements on a first date sent her date screaming for the hills, and despite her insults, the lad is unsure if he is in the wrong for ditching her.

Going on a first date can be nerve-wracking, especially if you’re not sure what to dress or where to go.

Regardless, one young man summoned the confidence to ask his infatuation out on a date.

He had anticipated for a romantic evening, but was devastated when she made racist remarks and was nasty to the wait staff.

The lad felt he had no choice but to abandon the woman and go – but he felt awful about it.

The lad detailed how the night went from bad to worse in a post on Reddit, asking if he was a “a**hole” for dumping his date.

“So we wait at the bar for a few minutes and have a great conversation, and then they tell us our table is ready.” Then we get to our seat, and there’s a gigantic grill with a fire on it, which she immediately inquires about.” Korean BBQ establishments allow customers to grill their own meat at their tables, but the woman was unaware of this.

Her date promised her that they could order from a separate menu, but she was skeptical.

As a result, she demanded that the waiting staff prepare a meal for her.

“She insisted on calling the waitress over and requesting her to put the meat on the grill and demanding to be served when it was ready,” the young man alleged. “This old Korean lady had to move between crowded tables to turn the meat and serve our plates.” Despite the fact that the lad had noticed the red flags due to her attitude, he was still hopeful that the date would go well because he wanted to spend some “adult” time with his date.

However, things were about to get a lot worse.

She was not only disrespectful to her coworkers, but she was also prejudiced.

The lad stated that after being offered a dessert menu, the woman said: “This place is a nightmare; all these useless immigrants (she’s white) come into the nation and don’t work, consuming our tax dollars. Is it even allowed to use them?” Other diners, predictably, were offended.

“And she yelled it loudly enough that a nearby table of.” he continued. The news is summarized by Brinkwire.


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