‘I don’t want to argue, damn it!’ exclaims a German Europe minister in a fiery Brexit outburst at the United Kingdom.


‘I don’t want to argue, damn it!’ a German Europe minister exclaims in a fiery Brexit outburst at the United Kingdom.

Michael Roth, Germany’s Minister of State for Europe, lashed out at Britain, claiming the UK had broken the terms of the Brexit deal struck with the EU last year.

For months, the United Kingdom and the European Union have been at odds over the British government’s demands for renegotiation of the terms of the Northern Ireland protocol.

Although London claims that the terms of the Brexit clause have harmed the UK’s economic and social standing, Brussels insists that no new negotiations will take place.

Germany’s Europe Minister Michael Roth urged the UK to “come to its senses,” insisting that the UK is in violation of the agreement’s terms.

“Dear friends in London and Great Britain, come to your senses,” Mr Roth told the press as he arrived in Brussels.

“After long and difficult negotiations, we have reached clear agreements.”

“And the Northern Ireland Protocol is critical for us.”

It must be protected in its entirety.

It is critical to note this.

“And all I can say now is that I’m pleading with the United Kingdom and London to finally honor these agreements.”

“What we’re seeing right now isn’t a game.”

“It’s about the people’s interests in the UK and the interests of the European Union,” Mr Roth continued.

“Damn it, we want to collaborate as friends and partners.”

“We don’t want to keep debating what we’ve already decided.”


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