‘I couldn’t make it up!’ Michel Barnier’s anti-immigration presidential campaign is slammed by Farage.


‘I couldn’t make it up!’ Michel Barnier’s anti-immigration presidential campaign is slammed by Farage.

NIGEL FARAGE burst out laughing as he described Michel Barnier’s choice to run for President of France after years of whining about the United Kingdom’s desire to tighten its border controls.

Michel Barnier’s manifesto was questioned by Nigel Farage, who pointed out that the former EU Brexit negotiator had previously screamed at Mr Farage for his support for Brexit. Mr. Barnier indicated earlier this week that he will run against Emmanuel Macron in France’s presidential election next year. One of the most prominent aspects of the Frenchman’s ideas was his suggestion to close France’s border for up to five years.

“Mr Barnier has become the latest centre-right politician to formally throw his hat into the ring for next year’s presidential election, promising to reconcile what he called a divided nation,” the GB News presenter stated.

“Michel Barnier is running for President of France on an anti-immigration platform.

“And he wants the state’s authority to be restored. This isn’t anything you’d make up.”

“I thought he wanted to abolish the state?” Mr Farage continued.

“He always wanted us to stand rigid for the Star-Spangled Banner and the European Anthem.

“And he told me in a coffee shop that I was narrow-minded and anti-business, and that I was opposed to people moving freely. And now he wants to run for President of France.

“He was always quite kind to me, pompous yet polite.”

Mr. Barnier, who formerly served as France’s foreign minister, is being closely monitored by Emmanuel Macron’s campaign because he has the potential to appeal to the pro-European, center-right voters that the president is seeking.

“In these sad circumstances, I took the decision to compete for the French presidency, to be president of a reconciled France,” Mr Barnier told TF1 during his presidential announcement.

“I believe we need to take three or five years to suspend immigration,” he stated.

“Immigration policy, in general, does not work in Europe, just as it does not work in France. That is why I am proposing a moratorium,” he added.

The center-right camp’s hopes of making it to the second round of the presidential election are dependent on it uniting around a single candidate.

Among the conventional centre-right candidates who have declared for the presidency, Xavier Bertrand, who governs the northern region of Hauts de France, currently has the highest poll ratings.

He has, however, reigned till now. “Brinkwire News in Condensed Form.”


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