‘I couldn’t believe it!’ says the owner of a dog that has been missing for eight years.


‘I couldn’t believe it!’ says the owner of a dog that has been missing for eight years.

A DOG, with puppies in tow, has been reunited with her owners eight years after she went missing.

Cassie, Jayne and Stuart Wylie’s spaniel, vanished from their Surrey garden in 2013.

The couple, who live near Redhill, put out a search for Cassie, but no leads were ever found.

They were then taken aback when they received a call from the authorities almost a decade later, informing them of her safe return.

Cassie, on the other hand, did not arrive alone; she was discovered with three puppies that were thought to be her own.

She was discovered in West Sussex, about an hour’s drive from the Wylies’ home, following a joint police and RSPCA operation.

Mrs Wylie expressed her surprise at the return of their much-loved pet.

“I couldn’t believe it,” she expressed her surprise.

“I was in complete shock.”

To be honest with you, I had given up.”

She explained how the couple got Cassie as a way to cope with their grief.

“We got Cassie after we lost our son,” Mrs Wylie recalled.

To bind us together as a group.

“It was extremely difficult for us to lose her.”

It was extremely difficult.

“I didn’t think we’d ever see her again.”

Cassie was rescued thanks to a joint police-and-Trading Standards operation.

After receiving a tip from a member of the public, they stormed the location.

Dog theft is frequently linked to puppy farming, according to Inspector Oliver Fisher of Sussex Police’s rural crime unit.

A puppy farm is typically set up with multiple dogs that are constantly bred and sold for profit.

The dogs’ living conditions and well-being are typical of the situation.

“When dogs are stolen, it’s often to be bred from,” Inspector Fisher said.

“The breeding will take place in deplorable conditions, and those involved in puppy farms are frequently involved in a broader spectrum of criminal activity.”

“Inflated puppy prices have resulted in unscrupulous individuals breeding dogs solely for profit,” Inspector Fisher continued.

“I would advise anyone thinking about getting a puppy to think twice about who they buy from.”

Mrs Wylie stated that the puppies had been given to homes where they knew they would be loved and cared for.

“It was a little overwhelming,” she said.

“We gave them to people we trusted to love and care for them.”

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