‘I am well aware that I am not attractive.’ As a teenager, Jo Brand talks of ‘knock-backs.’


‘I am well aware that I am not attractive.’ As a teenager, Jo Brand talks of ‘knock-backs.’

JO BRAND talked about how she was “kicked back” by boys when she was younger because of her beauty.

Jo Brand, 64, has spoken up about how she was bullied as a teenager because of her beauty. The comedian confessed that, while she isn’t “conventionally gorgeous,” she isn’t dissatisfied with her appearance.

I’m aware that I’m not the type of woman that men seek because I’m not slender or have long flowing locks.

Jo Brand is a well-known designer.

During a conversation with Angela Scanlon on her Thanks A Million podcast, he made the disclosure.

“It’s a strange thing that if you’re really lovely, you don’t really get any feeling of how desperate it feels,” Jo explained.

“Obviously, I’m not claiming that this happens all of the time, but I believe that if you’re anything like me – I don’t mind how I look, but I’m well aware that I’m not attractive – it’s possible.

“I know I’m not the type of woman men are looking for because I’m not skinny, and I don’t have long flowing locks and beautiful eyelashes, and all that nonsense.

“As a result, it’s difficult for highly gorgeous women to understand the mental state of less attractive women, and vice versa.”

She admitted that while she had “quite a number” of rejections when she was younger, she recognizes that they weren’t always meant to be hurtful.

“It was just their dismissive attitude,” Jo remarked.

“When you genuinely want someone to be discarded as an adolescent girl, it’s a lot of emotional work.”

Jo, who has appeared on comedy panel programmes such as QI, Have I Got News for You, and Would I Lie to You?, went on to say that she believes women “work harder” than males and are more resilient.

“I’ve always thought women are better than men,” she remarked.

“I believe that women moan less, that they work considerably more, and that they are not as jaded.”

“I just think women have so many unsung, amazing things about them to recommend them,” she continued.


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