‘I am not lying!’ exclaim Dr. Shola and Andrea Leadsom in a furious migrant row.


‘I am not lying!’ exclaim Dr. Shola and Andrea Leadsom in a migrant row.

ANDREA Leadsom and DR Shola Mos-Shogbamimu have had a heated exchange over migrants illegally crossing the English Channel in small boats.

On LBC’s Cross Question programme, Dr Shola joined senior Conservative Party MP Iain Dale to discuss the ongoing migrant crossings.

Ms Leadsom reacted angrily to claims that the British government was “gaslighting” the public about the plight of migrants attempting to cross the Channel.

During a tense on-air brawl, the two clashed numerous times, repeatedly interrupting one another.

Dr. Shola told the senior Tory MP, “Let me tell you, you’re gaslighting the listeners by implying that this government is attempting to address the problem of traffickers by demonizing the people who have been oppressed by traffickers.”

“I won’t have you accuse me of lying, which is what you are accusing me of,” Ms Leadsom retorted.

Dr Shola screamed, “It’s a lie!”

“No! I’m not lying,” Ms Leadsom snarled.

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“What this Government is trying to do is prevent illegal movement into this country,” the Tory MP added.

“The government isn’t doing that!” Dr. Shola argued.

“The government dehumanizes refugees by using demonizing language…

“I mean, how many migrants or refugees has the UK taken in in comparison to other countries?”

“Every time we talk about migrant crossings, we always paint them as people who should have gone to another country before coming to us,” she continued.

“That’s not the point,” says the narrator.

“No, the point is that they’re taking their lives into their own hands,” Ms Leadsom responded.

“They’re coming to us for a reason,” Dr. Shola said. “We shouldn’t politicize the difficult choices that they’ve had to make when they come to us on their way to come to us.”

“But we’re doing it, and politicians like you want to gloss over it, making it appear as if the problem is with the traffickers.”

“Well, if the traffickers are the problem, why are you punishing the victims of the traffickers?”

“I’m not punishing anyone,” Ms Leadsom shot back.

“You are!” Dr. Shola exclaimed angrily.


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