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Husband who boasted women like ‘being treated like dirt’ gets brutally taken down by his brother-in-law

A MAN who boasted how “women like to be treated like dirt” has been brutally taken down by his brother-in-law.

The man posted his unconventional advice on Reddit alongside a photo of himself and his wife on their wedding day.

Writing in the Tinder subreddit, he said: “You just gotta give them a reason to stick around.

“Women like to be treated like dirt when you first meet them… It’s f***ed up but it’s true.

“Or you could just get a cute dog.”

However, what the husband wasn’t counting on was his wife’s brother seeing the post, and his brutal response that followed.

His brother-in-law responded: “I’ll assume it was the cute dogs then, because I’d be pretty disappointed to hear you treated my sister like dirt at any point.”

The thread has since gone viral as fellow Redditors applauded the brother-in-law’s response.

One commented: “Christmas with the family is gonna be interesting this year”

“Let’s see how long that relationship (oh god, marriage?) lasts” added another.

A third wrote: “Oh NOOOOOO! What was this guy thinking?? LMAO!!!!”

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