Hunt continues for couple ‘on the run’ as neighbours left shocked by violent, bloody attack

Police are desperately hunting a couple wanted in relation to the fatal attack of a man in a quiet suburban area on Friday afternoon.

The victim, aged in his 20s, was killed in a brazen daylight assault, involving a samurai sword, in Forest Lodge, near Glebe, inner Sydney, about 2:30pm on Friday.

Police raided a house in a nearby street following the discovery of a gun near the body, but later uncovered it was a replica.

Witnesses said they saw a man aged in his late 20s staggering down the street and collapsing after hearing an altercation. 

Resident Alex Ververis arrived home shortly after the incident and described it as ‘really unexpected and kind of scary’. 

‘I came back with my kid after swimming lessons. We know everyone on the street, there’s nothing untoward and nothing suspicious,’ he told ABC News.    

At this stage police have not revealed exactly what caused the victim’s fatal injuries, but said a man and woman were seen fighting with him before his death. 

Officers followed a trail of blood from the body to a nearby property on Hereford Street, and heavily armed officers carrying a battering ram closed in on the house.

A wide-scale manhunt is now underway and a man and woman are on the run.

Pictures show the body covered in a white blanket surrounded by police at the intersection of Hereford Street and Minogue Crescent. 

Police were called to the intersection around 12.40pm where Acting Superintendent Sam Crisafulli told reporters that the victim was ‘sadly found deceased on the street’. 

A builder working nearby told 9 News he and his workmates had heard a ‘loud bang’ and thought someone may have been run over by a car. 

‘One of the boys ran down to see if he was okay,’ the man said.

He said the victim had ‘a lot of blood coming out of his head’.

Another witness said she heard a lady yelling: ‘Get away. Get the f**k away from me’.

It was initially thought that the two suspects had run into a nearby premises to hide but police are now searching a wider area.   

‘I am satisfied with a search of the area by police that these people that we are looking for are not around at the moment,’ Superintendent Crisafulli said.

The incident is believed to have been targeted and to have occurred after a man and a woman were ‘seen in an altercation’ with the victim prior to his death.

‘We’ve spoken to a number of witnesses who tell us shortly before we were called a man and a woman were in an altercation with another man,’ Superintendent Crisafulli said.

‘It was a violent attack with very, very serious consequences.’ 

New South Wales Police is appealing for anyone with information to come forward. 


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