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Hunky personal trainer loses 1,000 Instagram followers in 24 hours after sharing wedding photos

A hunky personal trainer has told how he lost 1,000 Instagram followers in 24 hours after sharing photos of his wedding.

Alex Crockford, 30, from south west London, who runs the CrockFit app, married his girlfriend of seven years, Sarah, 32, in a lockdown ceremony last week.

But after posting a series of snaps from the ‘happiest day of his life’, Alex told how 1,000 of his 364,000 fans unfollowed him on Instagram.

Taking to Twitter, he wrote: ‘As expected… hundreds of Instagram unfollows because I got married! I’m really sorry my happiness upsets you.’

Speaking to FEMAIL, Alex said he didn’t really know why so many had chosen to stop following his page – admitting it has happened before but ‘never this many’. 

Asked if he suspects some fans were heartbroken to hear he was off the market, Alex admitted: ‘If that is the case then I’m incredibly flattered. I hope we can still be friends?’   

‘I don’t get offended by it,’ he added. ‘I didn’t give it too much thought, I was far more overwhelmed by the kind well wishes, comments from people, along with the 1,500 plus new followers who decided to join the CROCKFIT community.’ 

Alex’s Instagram has grown by an incredible 96,000 in the last six months; he now has over 700,000 followers across Instagram, YouTube, TikTok, Facebook and Twitter, making him one of the biggest fitness personalities in the UK. 

He doesn’t usually share images of his partner on Instagram, using his page predominantly to help, support and coach people with their fitness and wellbeing by posting live workouts and exercise and healthy eating plans. 

‘The reason behind why I posted the wedding pictures was because we could only have 30 people at our wedding, down from the 100 originally planned before Covid-19, due to the Government’s guidelines,’ he explained.

‘So we wanted to share the moment with as many people as possible. The wedding will be going up on my YouTube channel for everyone to enjoy!’

Alex and Sarah, who are currently on honeymoon in Italy, met at their local gym seven years ago, and he popped the question three years later in Santorini.

‘Now I can’t believe we’re married. I’m such a lucky guy to have such a beautiful, supportive and strong partner,’ he told FEMAIL.

‘The wedding was the happiest day of my life. Thankfully we were able to still keep our original date, but we made lots of sacrifices to make the day happen. 

‘We had to change the venue to accommodate for social distancing, we scaled down the celebrations after, and of course, wore face masks in the church. 

‘We made the most of it and it was a beautiful day! When we’re able to, we’re looking forward to celebrating with all our friends and family next year.’

Alex said the pandemic has been a challenging time but he’s ‘lucky’ the fitness industry has seen huge levels of growth due to an increase in people working out at home.

‘I’ve loved being there to help people, keep them motivated, or just keep their minds off the realities of the real world,’ he explained.

‘The newly upgraded CROCKFIT app and HomeFit workout plan, which I reduced in March from £72 to 99p to give people better access to support whilst raising money for charity, have been downloaded by thousands of people all over the world.

‘We were able to donate the sales of these plans to charities providing support to those affected by Covid-19 during lockdown which included The British Red Cross and The Trussel Trust. 

‘It’s been great to see people keeping active at home, whilst raising money for great causes.’  

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