Hungry brown bears square up in brutal battles over a whale carcass after it washes up in Alaska 

This is the astonishing moment two hungry brown bears launch a brutal battle over a whale carcass after it washes up on a beach.

The clip, recorded on the Katmai coast in southern Alaska, captures a huge male bear as it approaches the remains of a whale.

But the predator soon notices a female brown bear close-by and charges at the pesky competitor.

The male bear pounces at the female, sinking his teeth into her neck as they fight over the mound of food.

The smaller bear desperately attempts to push the male giant from her body as he drags her away from the carcass.

The aggressor then throws the female onto her back and twists her around on the ground.

But seconds later, he releases her and she dashes away from the predator.

Another clip filmed later at the site shows a much larger group of bears surrounding the carcass.

But soon, another fight breaks out as a large male bear again attacks a female and her cub.

The scuffle continues for a few moments before another bear jumps on the aggressive male – allowing the female to make a hasty escape.  

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