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HUNDREDS of people join the #ItsNotOK campaign on Twitter

Brave social media users have shared their experience of sexual abuse and harassment as part of a new online campaign. 

People from across the UK have used #ItsNotOK to open up about their stories, including one woman who revealed she was raped by her school’s painter and decorator. 

The hashtag was promoted by The Government Equalities Office, which is seeking 12,000 responses to help them better understand and tackle the issue. 

The tweet reads: ‘Today marks the start of Sexual Abuse and Sexual Awareness Week 2020. No one should have to experience this vile behaviour.

‘We’re asking over 12,000 people from all walks of life what they might’ve experienced, so we can find the problem source and tackle it #ItsNotOkay.’ 

One woman responded: ‘Just because someone has had a lot to drink and passed out does not mean they consent to sex. Unconscious, unaware and unable to defend is NOT consent! #ItsNotOkay!’

Another wrote: ‘#ItsNotOkay to come into a toilet while I was so drunk I fell asleep on it and violate my body while I was sleeping, then proceed to take me upstairs and try to have unprotected sex with me on my own bedroom floor.’

Here, are some of their stories.

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