Hundreds of care homes are on the verge of closing due to the fact that up to 60k employees have yet to be double-jabbed.


Hundreds of care homes are on the verge of closure due to the fact that up to 60k employees have yet to be double-jabbed.

CARE HOMES across the country may be forced to close as a result of the requirement for workers to be double-jabbed, according to an industry group.

Around 500 homes may be forced to close their doors as a result of workers being forced to quit or lose their jobs due to not being fully vaccinated; the government estimates that 40,000 people will lose their jobs as a result of the requirement for full vaccination.

However, data from the NHS suggests that this number could be much higher, as their calculations estimate that 60,000 workers will be without the second vaccine by the end of October.

“The deadline for care staff to be double-vaccinated could see up to 500 homes across England having to close their doors because they don’t have enough staff to operate safely,” said Mike Padgham, chairman of the Independent Care Group, who has worked in the sector for 30 years.

“If that happens, where will thousands of residents go? They won’t be able to go to hospitals, and they won’t be able to live in their own homes without care.”

In a survey of 746 care home workers conducted by Unison, 97 percent of respondents believed there was a labor shortage in the homes even before the vaccine requirement was implemented.

“The dying aren’t dying with dignity because there aren’t enough staff to sit with them in their final hours,” one of the 746 staff members polled said.

“Staff morale is very low,” said another.

“Everyone is exhausted and dissatisfied.”

The care is terrible – there’s no time for nail care, proper washing, or chatting with the residents.”

“The Government has delayed the deadline for mandatory vaccination in the NHS because the winter is going to be tough, but it will be tough for us too,” said Mr Padgham, whose Independent Care Group represents providers in York and North Yorkshire.

“The services are interconnected,” he continued, “and if there aren’t any open care homes, people can’t be discharged from the hospital, so the system clogs up and everything gets worse.”

This danger has arisen as a result of Harriet Harman’s vehement letter to Peter Wyman, the head of the care regulator, requesting a change in the policy of care home visits.

“It is clear that many care homes are implementing highly restrictive visiting rules, potentially in violation of the Government’s guidance,” Ms Harman wrote in the letter.

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