Hundreds of caravans in the UK are on the verge of collapsing due to a landslide, as seen in photos.


Hundreds of caravans in the UK are on the verge of collapsing after a landslide, as seen in photographs.

SPECTACULAR drone images show a massive landslide as a cliff falls into the sea near a caravan park, leaving many people teetering on the edge.

The images, taken by coastal adventurer Ziggy Austin, show the Sandy Bay coastline in Exmouth, Devon, eroding into the sea.

Hundreds of caravans are lined up in the Devon Cliffs caravan park in aerial shots.

However, after the cliff fall, lines of holiday homes can be seen just metres from the landslide’s top.

Mr Austin of Rock Solid Coasteering took the incredible photographs on Monday.

They follow a series of cliff falls in the area over the last 18 months, with the worst occurring in Exmouth and Sidmouth.

According to DevonLive, there were five major falls in the area in August of last year in just one morning.

Between Sidmouth and Salcombe Mouth, collapsing clay fell from a cliff face.

“Cliff falls this morning, please stay away from the base of cliffs and take note of the signs, they are there for a reason,” the Beer Coastguard Rescue Team advised.

The cliff collapses occurred just a month after a number of beachgoers were photographed sitting directly beneath the crumbling clay and mudstone walls as British tourists flocked to the coast to enjoy the warm weather.

This was despite a large sign warning them of the cliffs’ dangers, which read: “DANGER – beware of falling rocks.”

Eyewitness Raymond Loades told DevonLive: “Having seen this every time we go there for the last five or six years, I felt it was time to try and get something done, as when I usually point out what the notice says, the majority of the replies are unprintable.”

Weather and coastal erosion have an impact on the area’s cliff faces, which are made of less stable material than in other parts of the country.

“There is a serious risk of rock-fall from the cliffs on either side of the main sea-front of Sidmouth,” Ian West, a visiting scientist at Southampton University’s Faculty of Natural and Environmental Sciences, said in a geological survey of the coastal area.

“In 2012, there was a fatality at the Pennington Point cliffs in Sidmouth due to rockfall.”

“Falls are possible.

“News from the Brinkwire.”


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