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Hundreds of Australians arrive from China, Japan and Middle East

Hundreds of Australians ignored social distancing rules after landing at Sydney Airport this morning.

A shocking video, filmed by an outraged pilot, shows the passengers standing within touching distance of one another as they queued for immigration – despite government advice to keep 1.5 meters apart to slow the spread of coronavirus.

Although many international flights have been cancelled, planes arrived today from all over the world including Doha in Qatar, Shanghai in China and Tokyo in Japan.

The pilot who filmed the video told Daily Mail Australia he was ‘stunned, angry and disappointed’ after discovering about 300 to 400 people crammed shoulder-to-shoulder in the one room. 

I am livid 😡

This was international arrivals at @SydneyAirport this morn.

When @AusBorderForce was asked wtf re #SocialDistancing the reply was “not our problem, that’s biosecurity.”#coronavirusaustralia #covid19australia

The pilot confronted an Australian Border Force officer about it. ‘

I asked him, are you aware of the national guidelines? He said yeah.

‘Then he shrugged his shoulders and said “that’s not my problem” … “it’s Biosecurity”.

Fresh arrivals to Australia are told to self-isolate for 14 days after entering the country. Australian citizens are banned from travelling overseas at the moment, with exceptions.

The video was shared by the pilot’s friend, broadcast voice coach Sally Prosser, who posted it on Twitter and wrote: ‘I’m livid’. 

While signs have been put up around Sydney Airport to tell people to keep 1.5 metres apart, those in queues were almost cheek to jowl, with the pilot saying there were no lines marked on the ground as there are in New Zealand, and little awareness among passengers.

‘It’s another example of people not playing their part (in the fight against coronavirus),’ said the pilot, who kept his group spaced apart.

‘If we don’t get a hold of this, we’re all going into lockdown.’ 

Sydney Airport has put up social distancing signs, rolled out more hand sanitisers and switched to hospital grade disinfectants and cleaning products.

A spokesman told Daily Mail Australia: ‘We are supporting Federal and State Government agencies as they conduct health assessments and roll out passenger information campaigns regarding self-isolation and social distancing.’  

Daily Mail Australia has contacted the Department of Home Affairs for comment. 

It comes as the number of coronavirus cases passed 2,600 and the death toll hit 11 after two men in their 70s passed away in Victoria overnight. 

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