Huge support for reserving 30% of the UK for wildlife.


Huge support for reserving 30% of the UK for wildlife.

According to a poll conducted for conservationists yesterday, respondents place a higher importance on protecting the environment than combating the pandemic. According to the Wildfowl and Wetlands Trust, 77 percent of people want more money spent on natural climate solutions including rebuilding carbon-absorbing wetlands, peatlands, and woods.

And, compared to 31% who prioritized the pandemic, 39 percent said this was the most significant concern for the future. Another poll released yesterday by the Tory research group Bright Blue revealed majority support for programs that benefit the environment.

According to the poll, 75% of people support the government’s goal to safeguard nature in 30% of the UK by 2030.

Also, 74 percent favor requiring developers to improve the environment while developing residences, while 73 percent desire a network of wildlife-friendly places.

However, just roughly one-quarter of respondents believe the national and devolved governments are doing enough.

“Though public opinion is growing concerned, there is still some distance to go before the protection of nature reaches its appropriate place at the very top of national and international priorities,” said Boris Johnson’s father Stanley, a lifelong naturalist. There’s so much to do, and so little time.”

The Daily Express is fighting for a more environmentally friendly Britain.

Despite millennials’ green image, support for environmental measures is robust among the over-55s.

Similarly, even if developers must improve nature as compensation, 52 percent of over-55s oppose constructing on Green Belt area.

In comparison, 67 percent of those aged 18 to 34 said they supported it.

“The public expects the government to take a higher level of responsibility,” said Patrick Hall, author of the Bright Blue research.

‘Interventionist policies are marginally preferred by the public over those that are financially incentivizing.”

Bans on environmentally harmful products, for example, are preferred by 59 percent of respondents above financial incentives to go green, according to the survey (41 percent).

The Daily Express is attempting to raise funds to assist the Royal Society for the Protection of Birds in purchasing a nature reserve.

The New Forest location known as Horse Common might become a shelter for rare species including nightingales and lesser spotted woodpeckers.

Our campaign, Green Britain Needs You, aims to provide greater space for nature. So far, we’ve raised £39,000 toward our £90,000 goal.

To contribute, make checks payable to RSPB and send them to Daily Express Horse Common appeal, RSPB, The Lodge, Sandy. “Brinkwire News in Condensed Form.”


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