Huge porbeagle dorsal fin circles fishing location in Cornwall, terrifying sharks.


Huge porbeagle dorsal fin circles fishing location in Cornwall, terrifying sharks.

A YOUNG fisherman off the coast of Cornwall was given the shock of his life when a shark known to attack people began circling his boat.

During a day at sea, Oban Jones, 21, documented his extraordinary encounter with the 6ft Porbeagle shark. The shark’s fin protrudes from the water as it approaches the boat, according to his footage. On Sunday, Oban was alone at sea when the enormous beast approached his ship.

The shark can be seen swimming just beneath the surface, zipping around the boat.

“Well, I don’t know what to say right now, but that right there is a large shark, and I’m in a very, very small boat,” Oban, who works in maritime technology, said.

“Wow, Porbeagle shark off Cornwall’s north shore, that’s incredible.

“I’m not sure if I should be afraid or grateful to have seen this.”

He reported the incident took place around a mile north of Padstow’s Trevose Head lighthouse.

In May 2018, a Porbeagle shark bit a fisherman while it was being returned to the sea off the coast of Cornwall.

The incident occurred roughly 120 miles off the coast of Land’s End, which is 54 miles south of Trevose Head, according to the BBC at the time.

The shark swam away after swimming about the fishing boat inquisitively, and Oban made it back to land safely.

The teenage fisherman narrated the unforgettable moment after taking some time to ponder on his spectacular encounter.

“It was a great day to be at sea, even in a small boat like mine,” he remarked.

“The sun shone brightly, and there was no wind. The Atlantic was bringing in a gentle swell.

“I’d just completed unhooking a bass I’d caught on a nearby piece of coral when I observed a huge dorsal fin approaching the vessel at a good clip.

“At first, I was perplexed; it didn’t look like the regular marine life I was used to seeing, such as seals, dolphins, and sunfish.

“As the dorsal fin approached, it became evident that this was something distinct, something extraordinary, a Porbeagle!”

“The shark carefully circled my SIB, exhibiting signals of interest.”

Oban said he couldn’t believe his eyes at first, but then he scrambled for his phone. “Brinkwire News in Condensed Form.”


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