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How to transform Coles $3 cinnamon doughnuts into the PERFECT treat using an air fryer

Australians are calling a home cook’s simple trick for restoring days old doughnuts to perfect condition the ‘best thing to happen’ in 2020.

In a video shared on TikTok, Eden Scaife said she always keeps a box of Coles’ best-selling $3 cinnamon doughnuts in the freezer to stop them going stale.

And whenever she feels like indulging, Ms Scaife heats the treats in an air fryer set to 180 degrees Celsius for five minutes – reviving them to ‘fresh from the oven’ glory.

‘They’re going to be crispy on the outside and still soft on the inside,’ she said.

Once heated through, Ms Scaife sprinkles cinnamon sugar over the top – because ‘it’s just the best’- and enjoys the doughnuts as if she’d just bought them from the supermarket bakery.


The clip, which has gone viral with more than half a million views on the video sharing platform, has attracted praise from dessert lovers who say it has changed their lives. 

‘I found this out two weeks ago, and my life has changed ever since,’ one man replied.

He joked: ‘My confidence has never been higher, this is the best thing to ever happen.’

Another was incredulous, writing: ‘You can freeze DOUGHNUTS? I just never thought of doing that! Definitely will now.’

Dozens called the trick ‘genius’ while others were impressed by Ms Scaife’s dietary discipline.

‘Girl I do not have that kind of self-control. The whole packet is getting eaten within a day of buying,’ one woman wrote.

Another said she was ashamed to admit she had eaten eight cinnamon doughnuts yesterday.

One man who said he has been freezing doughnuts for years offered an equally innovative way of eating them.

‘Okay but hear me out – they’re also delicious frozen!’ he said. 

‘Seriously, give it a try. They don’t freeze completely but they’re a really biteable (sic) texture.’

Some suggested slicing doughnuts in half and adding ice cream in the middle, with one woman calling ‘the best thing ever’.

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