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How to make perfect peanut brittle in the MICROWAVE

An Australian home baker has shared how she made delicious peanut brittle using the microwave instead of the kitchen stovetop.

Jess, from Sydney, said she has never used the microwave to make the dessert before but was amazed at the perfect end result.

‘I’m surprised with this recipe as I have never done it with a microwave before, always on the stove top. Came out awesome,’ she said and posted photos and a video to a cookery Facebook group.

Brittle is a type of flat and hard confection made from sugar, nuts, syrup and butter that have been melted together and cooled.

To make the simple dessert, Jess followed an online recipe from Allrecipes.  

The peanut brittle only takes 35 minutes to make and first involves combining peanuts, sugar, golden syrup and salt in a glass bowl, then cooking in the microwave on high for 6 minutes.

The butter and vanilla essence should then be added and cooked for a further two minutes before sprinkling in the bicarb soda.

The mixture should then be poured into a greased baking tray and cooled for 15 minutes prior to breaking into pieces.

The simplicity of the dessert means anyone can make it, including supervised children.

Other home bakers part of the online Facebook community were also impressed at how delicious and tasty the peanut brittle looked.

‘Something tells me this is going to be extremely dangerous,’ one person said.

‘Omg yum,’ another said, and a third agreed: ‘Super dangerous and addictive.’

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