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How to make broccoli taste exactly like ‘deep fried dim sims’

Cooking broccoli in salt and bacon seasoning makes it taste exactly like a ‘deep-fried dim sim’, a mother has discovered.

Tiarnee Porter posted the revelation in an Australian cookery group on Facebook, after she seasoned a bowl of frozen broccoli and tipped the contents into an air fryer to crisp while she prepared the rest of her dinner.

Ms Porter’s partner arrived home shortly after and immediately asked what smelled ‘like a fish and chip shop’.

‘We go over and open the air fryer and it smelled exactly like fried dim sims…I’m on a diet and when I bit into them to find they also tasted like dim sims, I almost died,’ she said in the post.

A dim sim is a Chinese-inspired meat and vegetable dumpling popular as a snack food in Australia and New Zealand.

The bite-sized portions typically contain minced meat – pork, lamb or chicken – cabbage and seasoning encased in a thick, doughy wrapper similar to filo pastry.

Ready-made frozen dim sims are available in leading supermarkets like Coles and Woolworths for $5 to $10 a bag.

Ms Porter’s claim has been confirmed by dozens of people who tried coating broccoli with bacon seasoning themselves, with many hailing it as ‘life-changing’. 

‘Oooh I might try this. My two-year-old LOVES broccoli (‘gokoli’ as she says). I don’t like cooking it from frozen because it seems to just go to mush in the pot, but this might be life changing!’ another mother said.

One woman joked the trick could spark a flurry of panic buying of frozen broccoli and bacon seasoning, similar to the rush on toilet paper that swept Australia in the first weeks of the coronavirus crisis.

A man said he can never tell his wife about the recipe because she would never buy real dim sims again. 

Others said they use the trick on different vegetables to encourage their children to eat a more balanced diet. 

‘I’ve done this for ages, I use the frozen broccoli and cauliflower mix and sprinkle garlic salt over it. Great added to a chicken salad,’ said one woman.

Bags of frozen broccoli and jars of bacon seasoning cost $3 each at leading supermarkets like Coles and Woolworths.

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