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How to hide private photos on your iPhone in three easy steps

There is an easy way to hide your private photos on an Apple iPhone thanks to a little-known setting in the camera roll.

For those looking to keep their bikini selfies and screenshots away from prying eyes the ‘hidden’ album option is a useful tool to know about.

To start with you will need to open your camera roll and find the photos you want to hide, selecting them as they scroll.

You can select as many images as you’d like at one time, which is helpful if you’re wanting to hide an entire section.  

Once the photos are selected, hit the ‘share’ button on the bottom left side of the screen. A whole range of options should appear, including airdropping the photo to someone or messaging it to them.

Scroll down that list until you see ‘hide’ and select that option. All of those photos will go into a hidden folder and leave the current folder.

If you decide that you want the photos to reappear it’s very simple to get them back into your most recent album.  

Go back into the main camera roll page and scroll down past your regular albums. 

There should be a list of media types and below that a list of other albums, of which one will say ‘hidden’. 

Click on that folder and you’ll see all of your hidden photos. You simply have to select them again, click on the sharing button and then ‘unhide’.

The same easy system doesn’t currently exist on the Samsung Gallery app for your most-used album.

At the moment android users can only hide folders created by third-party apps like WhatsApp or Instagram.

For this reason it seems to be more of a feature for reducing the clutter inside the gallery rather than something to keep away prying eyes.

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