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How to grow a living room houseplant using an AVOCADO seed

An Australian plant enthusiast and YouTuber has revealed how to grow stunning living room houseplants using avocado seeds.

Brad Canning, from Melbourne, shared a one-minute TikTok tutorial video and said the process requires little maintenance and can be done by anybody.

Brad has been growing avocado plants for a couple of years and has become ‘obsessed’ due to the ‘super-fast’ growing process.

After three to four months the plants grow to become very tall and have gorgeous large leaves, which will be sure to fill any dull corner or kitchen space.

In the video posted on August 7, Brad first removed the seed from the avocado using a fork and ran it under water.

He then dried the seed and peeled off the skin with his fingers to ensure it doesn’t go mouldy.

To allow the seed to germinate and grow a root, Brad wet a paper towel to wrap the seed in and placed it in a Ziplock bag to boost the humidity. 

After two to three weeks in Ziplock bags, the seeds in the will crack and a root will become exposed.

‘Put the root in water and it will start to sprout … be careful though, this it a total addiction,’ Brad said.

It’s important to make sure only the roots or half the seed is placed in water – Brad accomplished this by using a vase that’s roughly the same diameter as the seed.

Earlier in the year, Australian comedian Christian Hull also shared a demonstrative video on TikTok and stuck toothpicks into the avocado seed after removing the skin to allow it to float on top of the water. 

But in another video on YouTube Brad said this alternative method isn’t ideal as it takes months for the roots to grow, compared to the Ziplock bag process that only takes a few weeks. 

Unfortunately the plants won’t produce any avocados for at least a decade and are only suitable as a lovely houseplant.

Once the plant is of a preferred size it can be potted in soil or kept in the vase of water to continue growing.

Brad’s TikTok video tutorial quickly went viral and was seen more than 64,000 times. 

‘Finally a good tutorial! So excited to attempt this,’ one person said in response to Brad’s tutorial.

‘I’m currently trying this! Mine’s just started to crack open – I’m really hoping I don’t kill it,’ another said.

A third added: ‘I had 27 going at one point in time, so addicting but when they are planted they are so temperamental.’ 

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