How Meghan Markle’s House Renovation Is Making The Royal Household Look Dangerous

Meghan Markle’s due date is quickly approaching and she wants to make sure her little one is completely safe in their new home. However, a new report is claiming the royal baby’s safety will cost British taxpayers an additional $50,000.

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are expected to move out of their cottage at Kensington Palace to the mansion known as Frogmore House. While taxpayers will be billed for the necessary renovations, the Duchess of Sussex is reportedly demanding an unnecessary panic room.

RadarOnline published an article claiming Meghan’s demand for a panic room would be a waste of money because it goes against royal security protocols. “They’re guarded around the clock, which costs a fortune,” an alleged sourced said.

“It’s unlikely their bodyguards’ advice would be to hole themselves up in a panic room in the event of an emergency. Getting the royals away from scenes of danger is their top priority — not keeping them locked away in a room!”

While the supposed confidant stated Meghan isn’t wrong for wanting to protect her family, they claimed the former actress is using her privilege as a member of the royal family to get whatever she wants.

“It’s understandable Meghan wants to do everything she can to protect her family. But demanding a panic room is just another demonstration that she thinks she’s a celebrity who can get whatever she wants, funded by the public purse!”

Kensington Palace has not acknowledged reports claiming Meghan is making outrageous demands amid the Frogmore House renovations.