How many people in the UK have removed the NHS track and trace app?


How many people in the UK have removed the NHS track and trace app?

The data from the NHS track and trace app has been withheld because the government refuses to say how many people have disabled it. If you have deleted the app, please vote in our poll and leave a comment on this article.

The Department of Health and Social Care, led by Sajid David, has revealed that it will not release data on how many Britons have turned off the contract tracing app, despite having obtained the figures. According to political analysts, the government’s failure to release this information indicates that the number of Britons who still use the app is shamefully low.

Initially, politicians claimed that the test-and-trace method would be ‘world-class,’ but the software caused a ‘pingdemic,’ with tens of thousands of people being notified to isolate each day.

Over-pinging has recently been blamed for a new lorry driver shortage.

More than half a million people in the UK were tagged in a single week in mid-July, and a large number of them lost money as a result of having to isolate for up to 10 days.

Many Britons claimed that the system was overly stringent, as they were compelled to isolate for extended periods of time despite testing negative for Covid on multiple occasions.

“The pingdemic has wreaked havoc on staffing levels,” one Twitter user wrote.

“Those working in pubs and restaurants are the most affected by the pingdemic because we work with hundreds of people every day,” another remarked.

How effective do you believe the app has been in combating Covid’s spread? Leave a comment or vote to let us know what you think.

YouGov did a research a month ago that revealed 40% of Britons had never downloaded the app in the first place.

One in ten Britons who downloaded the NHS app later uninstalled it, a third turned off Bluetooth to prevent the app from working, and a third avoided using the app to ‘check-in’ at events.

As of August 2, the government altered the app so that it only tells users to isolate if contact occurs within two days of a positive test, rather than five days, in an attempt to prevent people from removing it.

According to YouGov, more than 40% of consumers want the NHS app to be less sensitive, while 35% want it to be more sensitive.


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