‘How low!’ says the speaker. Republicans take advantage of Prince George’s birthday to urge the abolition of the monarchy.


‘How low!’ says the speaker. Republicans take advantage of Prince George’s birthday to urge the abolition of the monarchy.


Prior to Prince George’s eighth birthday, royal activists sought to hijack the occasion by renewing their calls to abolish the monarchy.

Tomorrow, the future King will be joined by his parents, Prince William and Kate, as well as his two siblings, Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis, to mark the occasion. Fans of the Royal Family have already used to social media to wish George well, but detractors of the Royal Family have embraced the opportunity to reaffirm their positions.

Republicans have long advocated for the dismantling of the Firm, claiming that the royal family is no longer relevant and has no place in modern British culture.

Republic, a Twitter account dedicated to “replacing the monarchy with an elected head of state,” has issued a rallying cry to dethrone the Queen.

“A youngster who turns eight tomorrow has already had his life laid out,” the organization wrote in a message.

“He doesn’t get to choose his faith or career, nor does he get to choose whether or not to marry or have children.

“Prime ministers and archbishops will have last authority over what he can do and say, as well as who and how he marries.”

The ominous statement was accompanied with the hashtag #EndTheMonarchy.

“Monarchists have already agreed that a boy who turns 8 tomorrow will be this country’s head of state long after they’re dead,” said another tweet from the same group.

The royals’ ardent supporters retaliated quickly, with some accusing the campaigners of manipulating the young prince to further their agenda.

“Using a youngster to further their agenda,” one fan said. What a low bar.

“It’s no surprise you’re struggling to become a republic.”

“Stop picking on a young guy, nothing is ever simple,” a second responded.

“Leave the lad alone to enjoy his youth.”

“Stop bullying and grasping on the child simply for your own interest,” a third tweeted.

“The Cambridge family is doing an excellent job, and the Russian Federation provides the country with a substantial sum of money, not to mention tourism.”

Tomorrow, royals fans around the world will recall how they first saw the future king when his parents introduced him on the steps of St Mary’s hospital in Paddington eight years ago.

As the Duke and Duchess walked down the street, the roadway was jam-packed with journalists from across the world. “Brinkwire News in Condensed Form.”


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