How Keir Starmer ruined Jeremy Corbyn’s chances of becoming Labour Party leader.


How Keir Starmer ruined Jeremy Corbyn’s chances of becoming Labour Party leader.

SIR KEIR STARMER gave his first conference speech as Labour Party leader today, thereby insuring that his predecessor, Jeremy Corbyn, will never be a Labour MP again, according to top shadow cabinet members.

After members of the Labour Party voted in favor of the leader’s ideas at the party’s annual conference, Sir Keir Starmer rewrote the party’s regulations. The amendments give MPs greater say in selecting future party leaders and make it more difficult for people to remove MPs. According to several shadow ministers, the action is being hailed as an attempt to prevent Jeremy Corbyn from becoming an MP again.

On Wednesday, September 29, the Labour Party’s conference comes to a close, with the party’s leader insisting that the party is looking to change.

“You can’t lose four elections and not reform,” Sir Keir added.

His remarks came after a controversy over the leader’s efforts to modify the party’s rules on leadership elections dominated the first few days of Labour’s conference in Brighton.

Some MPs and party members accused him of wanting to keep the left-wing of the party out of future elections.

Andy McDonald, a shadow cabinet member, resigned from Labour’s front bench after a divisive attack on Sir Keir.

Sir Keir had made Labour “more divided than ever,” he wrote in his resignation letter.

Mr McDonald also accused Mr. Corbyn of failing to keep his promises to Labour Party members.

Sir Keir was not upset by Mr McDonald’s departure, according to sources close to him, who insisted that this week was “all about change and slamming the door on the Corbyn period.”

However, new sources allege that the Labour leader is working to prevent Mr Corbyn from becoming an MP again.

According to The Times, Sir Keir’s procedural rule amendments, which were barely agreed at the party conference on Sunday, will empower MPs to vote against Mr Corbyn.

The reforms will have an influence not only on leadership rules, but also on the mechanism by which Labour MPs can continue to fight for their seats in general elections.

Local activists will have a harder time triggering a deselection process for incumbent MPs, forcing them to compete against others for the position of Labour candidate for the seat.

MPs will feel emboldened to give less weight to the views of constituency party members, according to Shadow Ministers.

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