How Kate Middleton upheld Queen Victoria’s royal wedding tradition.


How Kate Middleton upheld Queen Victoria’s royal wedding tradition.

KATE MIDDLETON married Prince William in 2011 at Westminster Abbey, the traditional setting for future kings and queens’ weddings.

Here’s how Kate kept a royal wedding tradition that dates back to Queen Victoria’s reign.

Every detail of a royal bride’s wedding attire, right down to the bridal bouquet, is meticulously planned.

Kate’s bridal bouquet included lily-of-the-valley, hyacinth, and ivy, as well as Sweet William, a sweet homage to Prince William.

Kate’s bouquet also included sprigs of myrtle, a delicate white flower that has long been a royal tradition.

According to the Royal Family website, Kate’s bouquet was thoughtfully crafted based on several factors.

“The bouquet was designed by Shane Connolly and draws on the traditions of flowers of significance for the Royal Family, the Middleton family, and the Language of Flowers,” according to the website.

Kate’s bouquet included myrtle, an evergreen shrub that produces pretty white or rosy flowers, and the bloom has special meaning.

Myrtle is associated with love and is thought to be an emblem of marriage, according to the Royal Family’s website.

Royal brides have carried sprigs of myrtle grown at Osborne House in their wedding bouquets for many decades.

Kate’s bouquet included a sprig of myrtle that was inspired by the Queen’s 1947 wedding bouquet.

“The bouquet contains stems from a myrtle planted by Queen Victoria at Osborne House, Isle of Wight, in 1845, and a sprig from a plant grown from the myrtle used in The Queen’s wedding bouquet of 1947,” according to the Royal Family’s website.

“After Queen Victoria was given a myrtle nosegay by Prince Albert’s grandmother during a visit to Gotha, Germany, the tradition of carrying myrtle began.

“The following year, Queen Victoria and Prince Albert purchased Osborne House as a family retreat, and a posy sprig was planted against the terrace walls, where it still thrives today.”

“The myrtle was first worn by Queen Victoria’s eldest daughter, Princess Victoria, when she married in 1858, and was meant to represent a bride’s traditional innocence.”

Other members of Victoria’s family, including her youngest daughter Princess Beatrice, are said to have worn sprigs of the flower in their wedding bouquets.

Kate’s wedding flowers had a Middleton connection in addition to paying homage to the Royal Family.

Flowers were prominently featured in the outfits of.

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