How Kate Middleton is using the “Middleton blueprint” to raise George, Charlotte, and Louis.


How Kate Middleton is using the “Middleton blueprint” to raise George, Charlotte, and Louis.

KATE, Duchess of Cambridge, is said to have had a pleasant childhood and still maintains close ties with her parents. Kate may be raising her children to have a childhood that is similar to her own in some aspects, based on some of her own parenting decisions.

The Duchess of Cambridge and Prince William have spent the summer with their three children, Prince George, eight, Princess Charlotte, six, and Prince Louis, three. However, now that September has here, the Cambridge students will soon be returning to school. Kate is a hands-on mother who wants to create a joyful environment for her children, according to royal insiders. George, Charlotte, and Louis are likely to have had a fun-filled summer vacation.

Kate is raising her children based on the “template” of her own happy childhood, according to royal pundit Duncan Larcombe.

“Kate had a really happy childhood and really enjoyed her school days,” Mr Larcombe told OK!, “therefore I suppose the way she was brought up is being used as a blueprint for her own three children.”

“She’s a pretty hands-on mom, so she always makes sure she’s the one who goes shopping with the kids for school shoes and school supplies.

“With William and Kate, everything is quite straightforward. They’re raising their children in a quintessentially British middle-class manner, aside from the school fees.”

Kate could be reflecting on her own childhood with her children by ensuring that their school of choice is a good fit for them.

Prince George and Princess Charlotte are presently enrolled in Thomas’s Battersea, a fee-paying school for George’s age group that costs about £8,000 per term.

However, royal analysts believe Kate would consider sending her children to Marlborough College, a fee-paying school that she went.

Kate Middleton is said to have participated in sports and enjoyed her time at the college, where she studied with her sister Pippa Middleton.

“They may possibly choose Eton, the school where kings and prime ministers go,” Mr Larcombe remarked.

“However, I wouldn’t be surprised if they choose Kate’s high school, Marlborough. It’s a mixed school with a good reputation, so they may want to make a statement by sending the kids there.

Kate’s parents worked very hard to provide a decent education for their children, and she would definitely send her own children to Marlborough.”Brinkwire Summary News”.


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