‘How is he still in command of our educational institutions?’ After the BBC incident, Campbell is furious with Williamson.


‘How is he still in command of our educational institutions?’ After the BBC incident, Campbell is furious with Williamson.

Following a car crash interview on BBC Breakfast this morning, Alastair Campbell slammed GAVIN WILLIAMSON, raged: “How on earth is this person still in charge of our schools?”

Despite the Delta variety of Covid continuing to maintain daily infections in the tens of thousands, Education Secretary Mr Williamson has defended the decision to allow schoolchildren to return to the classroom. Although students in Scotland returned to school two weeks ago, it is thought that the reopening of schools contributed considerably to an increase in coronavirus cases north of the border. Secondary school and college students in England are being urged to continue taking lateral flow tests at school, three to five days apart, in order to maintain heightened hygiene and ventilation.

However, during a tense interview on BBC Breakfast this morning, Mr Williamson was grilled about what would happen if teachers and students were trapped in a classroom with no functioning windows and, as a result, no ventilation.

Former Labour spin doctor Mr Campbell was enraged when the frazzled Education Secretary skated around the issue before delivering a lame answer.

“How is he still in control of our schools?” he shouted on Twitter.

Presenter Charlie Stayt probed Mr Williamson on the issue of a lack of air in certain classrooms as students returned to school during a tense conversation on BBC Breakfast.

“For the first time, I’m going to try to get you to focus on the question, which is a room, and I’d like you to talk about that space for the teacher,” he said.

“It’s a room without a window or ventilation.

“I understand the larger issues, but I’d like you to discuss about that room and what happens next?”

“We are doing a complete set of measures,” Mr Williamson responded, “and of course the vaccine program is the fundamental reason we can return to normalcy.”

Mr Stayt attempted a brief interruption before continuing, “We are continually looking at how we can strengthen the security, striking that sensible balance between bringing children back into school while also dealing with an entire epidemic.”

However, the visibly irritated BBC Breakfast presenter interrupts again, this time with a new attempt to get Mr Williamson to answer the question he had originally posed. “Brinkwire News in Condensed Form.”


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