‘How come you won’t tell me?!’ As Williamson avoids an A-Level outcome probe, Ferrari erupts at him.


‘How come you won’t tell me?!’ As Williamson avoids an A-Level outcome probe, Ferrari erupts at him.

Gavin Williams, the Education Secretary, has enraged LBC host Nick Ferrari by refusing to reveal his A-Level results on television.

Gavin Williamson was challenged on LBC by Nick Ferrari after the Education Secretary declined to reveal his A-level results. Today, students around the UK received their marks, with a record number of students getting A and A* grades. Mr Williamson, on the other hand, deflects Mr Ferrari’s persistent attempts to learn about his own grades, prompting the LBC host to joke that it’s a “state secret.”

“How did you do?” Ferrari inquired of the Education Secretary.

Mr Gavinson remained tight-lipped about his scores, saying only that he remembers “seeing the grades on there and feeling utter happiness.”

The LBC host screamed, “Never mind that, what were they?”

Mr Williamson remarked, after being asked for an answer several times, “It was so long ago, it was 27 years ago…”

Ferrari then joked about the Education Secretary’s grades, asking whether they were a “state secret.”

Mr Williamson retorted, “I’ve forgotten, that was so long ago.”

It comes after a set of record-breaking A-level results were announced across the United Kingdom.

This year, compared to 2020, there has been a 40% increase in A* or A grades, with half of the pupils earning one of these grades.

“Students have worked really hard in what has been an incredible and tough year, and each and every one of them should be extremely proud of their accomplishments,” Mr Williamson said.

We should all be proud of their fortitude and capacity to persevere in the face of adversity,” he remarked.

“Despite the interruption caused by the epidemic, teachers and staff have ensured that all students are able to get grades this year, allowing them to take their next steps and make decisions about continuing study or entering the workforce,” he added.

“I am really grateful to instructors and parents for assisting our students in confidently moving on to the next chapter of their lives.”

On Tuesday, Mr Williamson was obliged to reply to charges made by the AQA testing board’s Chief Examiner that he had “washed his hands of A-level results.”

“We certainly haven’t wiped our hands of these results,” Mr Williamson told GMB. It’s all about establishing a just and equitable system.

“It’s not like the kids haven’t been through a lot of testing, but we had to decide whether we were going to do it or not.”Brinkwire Summary News”.


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