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How a 19 and 21 year old saved their pyjama business during isolation by posting videos on TikTok

Two Australian friends have shared how video platform TikTok saved their pyjama business from going under while in isolation during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Bridey Drake, 19, and Gandhari Gurung, 21, both from New South Wales, launched their business Night Sweet Thing in October 2019 and were doing well selling their clothes at markets. 

But they hit a roadblock earlier this year when the coronavirus crisis left them unable to sell their pyjamas at the stalls.  

‘We gained so much love so quickly at the markets and we thought this could be our full-time career, but that all came to a stop because of COVID-19,’ Bridey told FEMAIL.

Desperate to find a way to make their business work, the pair took to TikTok to advertise their clothes – and they haven’t looked back. 

‘Our response [from TikTok] was so overwhelming that we sold out within five days of posting our first video,’ Bridey said.  

‘We then restocked, and again the response was amazing, and we sold out of our second line completely within three days.’ 

‘We already have a large back-list of people who have registered on our website wanting to order,’ she said.

Over the past few months while in isolation, the business has made $10,000 with 85 per cent of this profit coming through after sharing videos on TikTok. 

The $39 pyjama sets are made from satin for a comfortable chic finish and, when restocked, are available in a variety of colours – including rose pink, baby purple and royal gold.

Unlike other brands that sell pyjama tops and bottoms separately, the sets come with both a stylish button-up shirt and matching shorts or pants.

The design is a relaxed fit and is made with a chest pocket, cute little buttons and an elastic waistband.

The affordable price tag is also perhaps what appealed to customers.  

The co-founders swiftly became close friends at the start of 2019 while working together at a Gloria Jean’s cafe, but now Bridey works full-time as a receptionist at a real estate firm and Gandhari works in retail.

While Gandhari has no previous business experience, Bridey launched her first business at the young age of 15, called Blinka Kids.

Through her previous experience, Bridey has learnt that having a strong work ethic and managing your time well while running a business is ‘definitely a must’, but it’s also important to take time out for yourself. 

Bridey said the pair would love to work full time for their business, but at the moment they aim to grow the brand further on the side of working for other corporations. 

After the response from their first video earlier in the year, Bridey has continued to share videos about the brand and what it’s like running a business while working. 

In another video that has been viewed more than 540,000 times, Bridey said the past few months has been ‘the best and most exhausting’ time of her ‘entire life’. 

‘With a full time job and running two businesses, sometimes I forget to take some time out for myself,’ she said.

The short online videos also act as inspiration to others who wish to start their own brand, as Bridey said she has received multiple comments and messages from younger TikTok users who seek business advice. 

On the side of Night Sweet Thing, Bridey is working on a seperate business project called Comfy Bods, which she only launched earlier this month. 

By sharing videos of products on TikTok, the duo were able to continue selling their stock and develop the brand further both during and after isolation. 

When asked what’s next for the brand, Bridey said: ‘We want to keep expanding our ranges and colours, but also look into other bedtime items like slippers, robes and more.’ 

‘For us to do this, it is important that we constantly keep our products in the minds of our customers by making content and promoting the brand on social media.’ 

Bridey said herself and Gandhari are ‘very excited’ for their new stock to arrive and will also include a range of new colours, which should arrive in two to three weeks.   

Customers can purchase the popular pyjama sets from the Night Sweet Thing website.

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