Hours before her suicide, a teen girl sent a heartbreaking final message to an online bully.


Hours before she committed suicide, a teen girl sent an emotional final message to an online bully.

AN ONLINE BULLY received a heartbreaking final message from a teen girl hours before she killed herself.

Megan Evans, 14, was bombarded with abusive messages on her phone all night, with the 14-year-old responding with an “OK” to a final heartbreaking exchange in which she was told to hang herself.

Megan was discovered dead at her home after secretly fighting cyberbullies and not informing her parents about her ordeal.

Nicola Harteveld, her mother, believes the last message was the deciding factor.

She told WalesOnline that she now knows “one million percent” that she would do things differently after admitting she missed signs that her “beautiful, kind, and confident” Megan was having difficulties.

“I can see things blindingly obvious now that I didn’t have a clue about back then,” Nicola said.

“I was so naive that I always assumed that someone with a mental illness could be seen.”

“If your kids were having trouble, they’d be in their room, dressed in black, listening to dark music–that was my erroneous assumption back then.”

“If my bright, bubbly Meg came to me with a problem, I’d tell her to ‘get a grip, don’t be so stupid, just deal with it.’

“That’s what I’d probably say, and I’m not afraid to say it openly, which is why I’m speaking up.”

I was completely wrong.

“Mental health does not appear to be what I expected.”

Nicola moved Phillip Schofield and Holly Willoughby to tears with an appearance on ITV’s This Morning just days after Megan’s funeral, motivated by a desire to share her message with other parents.

“When I went on This Morning – I don’t remember much about it – I just wanted people to know this was something we all needed to be aware of, because I didn’t have a clue,” Nicola explained.

“Hands down, I wouldn’t have taken her seriously if I hadn’t known.”

She was animated.

She was the life and soul of the party – and the house.

Nothing caught my eye.

“I’m not going to forgive myself for the rest of my life.”

Nicola has been pursuing a psychology degree with the since Megan’s death on February 7, 2017.

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