Hours before crucial Vladimir Putin talks, the US fires warning shots over Russia’s ‘lies.’


Hours before key Vladimir Putin talks, the US fires warning shots over Russia’s ‘lies.’

AMERICAN officials are approaching talks with Russia over Ukraine with “caution,” and have warned several journalists not to believe Russian media reports on the negotiations.

US officials are approaching their talks with Russia with “a sense of realism, not optimism,” according to White House officials, who have told some journalists to hold off on reporting.

Journalists have been advised to hold off on reporting until the White House confirms reports from the talks, as information from Russia is part of the country’s “playbook” for gaining an advantage.

Officials from the United States have expressed reservations about the talks being meaningful, despite the fact that the US hopes they will be one of the first steps toward short-term de-escalation.

Kethevane Gorjestani of France 24’s White House correspondent gave an update on the talks, saying that some reporters have been told to refrain from reporting so as not to play into Russia’s hands.

“The Americans are going into these talks very cautiously,” she explained.

“They’re also wary of the messaging coming out of Moscow; administration officials have warned reporters multiple times not to be fooled by some of the messages that will be coming out of Moscow.”

“Basically, that’s the Russian playbook, that’s how they’re going to play it,” he said.

On the threat of Brexit, Truss has been told to act quickly and deliver.

“They’ll say the Americans have agreed to some things, and the Americans will say don’t believe anything that comes out of Moscow.”

“If there is a breakthrough, we will tell you what we have agreed to, but be very careful about the reporting coming out of these talks.”

“There will be no firm commitments made in these talks,” a White House official told reporters on January 8.

Secretary of State Antony Blinken poured cold water on any hope of a breakthrough in the Ukraine talks, saying that no major agreement should be expected.

Instead, he believes Russia will agree to temporarily de-escalate tensions and reschedule future talks.

However, if more talks are to take place, the US has insisted on a de-escalation of tensions.

“It’s very hard to see that happening when there’s an ongoing escalation and Russia has a gun,” Mr Blinken said on ABC.

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