Hot weather in the UK: A 90-degree ‘Bermuda blowtorch’ is set to burn Britain for Independence Day – maps


Hot weather in the UK: A 90-degree ‘Bermuda blowtorch’ is set to burn Britain for Independence Day – maps

For Independence Day, a ‘BERMUDA blowtorch’ heatwave will bring summer back to life.

Forecasters believe a tropical 32C (90F) blow from the Atlantic will turn Britain into an inferno this weekend. The beautiful weather will persist throughout next week as the Covid limitations are lifted, raising the national spirit to new heights.

An ‘Azores High,’ also known as a ‘Bermuda High,’ will fuel the summer heat, according to scientists.

“Temperatures will rise dramatically over the weekend, particularly across southern Britain,” said Exacta Weather forecaster James Madden.

“We’re in for a stretch of intense heat, courtesy of the Azores-Bermuda high, with maximum temperatures in the mid- to upper-20s expected to last for several days.

“Get ready for the Bermuda blowtorch,” says the narrator.

“The impetus for the hot weather, which could see temperatures surge beyond 30C on Sunday, will be an Azores High,” said Jim Dale, a meteorologist for British Weather Services.

“This area of high pressure extending from the subtropical Atlantic will sit directly over the UK, allowing us to feel the sun’s rays, especially this weekend but also at the beginning of next week.”

Sun worshippers, on the other hand, should make the most of the scorching heat, as a thunderous eruption is expected later next week, according to Mr Dale.

“From about mid-week onwards, it appears that the high pressure will give way, and as is typical following times of extreme heat, we could get something livelier in the form of downpours,” he said.

Temperatures will soar into the high 20s or higher on Saturday, before breaking the 30 degree mark on Sunday.

The hottest temperatures will be seen in southern Britain, while the whole of the country will be warmer than it has been recently.

“Saturday sees another rise in temperature, with 30C potentially being broken in a few spots,” said Netweather spokesman Paul Michaelwaite.

“Maximum temperatures of 24 to 28 degrees Celsius are expected in all regions of Scotland, with the exception of western and central Scotland, which will be cooler and cloudier.

“Sunday is anticipated to bring another step forward, with a high of 30 to 32 degrees Celsius not ruled out, and comparable temperatures predicted on Monday as well.”

The hot weather is expected to last until Monday, nicknamed Freedom Day, when all Covid restrictions will be abolished after nearly a year and a half.

Highs of over 30 degrees Celsius are expected over the next few days, with the heat peaking on Sunday afternoon, according to BBC Weather.

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