Hot weather forecast for the UK: A scorching 35°C Mediterranean heatwave is expected to hit the country – maps.


Hot weather forecast for the UK: A scorching 35°C Mediterranean heatwave is expected to hit the country – maps.

According to the latest weather forecast, Britain is destined to be scorched by a scorching Mediterranean heatwave.

On Monday, August 16, the latest Netweather heat maps have turned deep red, showing scorching highs of 35°C gripping France, which is located in the Mediterranean. On the same day, these shades are observed moving towards the south of England, potentially assisting in temperatures reaching a scorching 30°C in London, Essex, and Kent. Highs of 27°C are expected in Hertfordshire, Doncaster, Leeds, Brighton, and Birmingham. In August, the BBC anticipated that high pressure from the Mediterranean Sea will aid in the transport of hot air to the UK.

There may be another heatwave this month, according to the long-range forecast between Monday, August 16 and Sunday, August 29, though it is still too early to confirm this.

“As high pressure moves northward from the Mediterranean Sea, low pressure systems caught in the storm track and powered by the jet stream will be redirected northward as well,” according to the forecast.

“Drier weather is expected to move in from the south, bringing with it a warmer, more tropical air mass.

“Temperatures will continue to rise above normal through late August, with some warm days likely if high pressure remains aloft for an extended period of time.

“A heatwave could develop if the high persists aloft, although confidence in this is low.

“Chances for heat may increase later this month, but high pressure must move into the right place for this to happen.

“There are some promising signals for more dominant high pressure later in August, at least for a few weeks, bringing some drier and milder weather.

“There is a minor probability of a late-summer heat wave, but this is merely a danger for now.”

Temperatures are also forecast to be above normal during this time, according to the Met Office.

However, due to the heat and humidity, the long-range prognosis also predicted thundery showers.

“Whilst there are current signals of a drier and warmer than average period from the middle of August, occasional spells of more unsettled weather, notably in the northwest, remains possible,” said the forecast for the period between Monday, August 16, and Monday, August 30.

“Along with this, there is a low probability of short-lived thundery periods, primarily in the southeast.

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