Hostages are strapped to getaway cars and used as human shields by armed bank thieves.


Hostages are strapped to getaway cars and used as human shields by armed bank thieves.

Following three bank robberies in Brazil, bank robbers have tied a number of citizens to their getaway cars.

Around 20 thieves armed with machine guns, bombs, and drones are said to have robbed three banks in Araçatuba, Brazil, in the early hours of Monday. The bandits reportedly set fire to automobiles and attacked the local police station, blocking access to the city.

The reféns were amarrados in the vehicles during the flee. Attempt to thwart any police counter-attack on the group. Deus is watching over these people and all of Araçatuba. All of the bank branches in the center were robbed – preliminary information.

Journalist Yuri Macri shared footage of gunmen kidnapped villagers and tied them to two of their cars as they fled.

A person is tied to the roof and another to the hood of the first automobile, while a person is squatting on the hood of the second.

Multiple cars are seen traveling through the city, some with people tied to the hoods, while another person can be seen holding up his hands while standing up through the van’s sunroof, according to CCTV footage uploaded by another Twitter user.

Total affliction, my God, and we pray for all those who are being used as reféns in this gigantic assassination here in Araçatuba. #Araçatuba #OremPorAraçatuba #Araçatuba #OremPorAraçatuba

At least three people have been killed, two of whom are civilians and one of whom is a thief.

According to Brazilian media, two individuals have been apprehended.

“The police can’t go on the offensive, they can’t face them because there are too many lives on the line,” Araçatuba Mayor Dilador Borges told Brazilian network Band TV.

He said that he couldn’t confirm whether the captives had been released yet, but that security personnel had retaken control of the city center.

The mayor also encouraged residents to stay inside because robbers had planted explosive devices throughout the city. He claimed he had called the state governor to request troops for Araçatuba.


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